Emerging Trends in Global Marketing

Due to globalization business enterprises are now operating in different countries. Economic globalization has led to the integration of financial markets and global trade.

Accelerated Growth of Global Markets

In the 21st century international trade has proved to be the driver of growth in not only global trade but also economic integration. The immense strides made in science and technology has further facilitated the globalization of markets and enterprises’ ability to trade in international spheres. Companies are now casting their nets into the wide international markets hence increasing their output to cater for the extended market.

Breaking Down of Marketing Boundaries

Globalization and integration of economies have facilitated the breaking down of boundaries. Take for instance the case of the European Economic Union which has opened up markets and promoted the use of a single currency. Economic liberalization has led to the realization of free trade areas, reduction of distance and tariffs. The emergence of international financial regulators and facilitators such as the World Trade organization has brought about the decline in trade tariffs and opened up new markets. Regional trade agreements have further enhanced economic integration which made trading much easier. Many countries are also moving towards a market-driven economy which is capitalist in nature. Free market systems encourage the growth of trade and access to markets. In light of these developments marketing ought to be revolutionized to cater for the needs of the different consumers in different markets.

Product Proliferation and Shortening Product Life Cycle

Scientific inventions have improved the development of new products. The ever-changing and growing consumer needs have forced firms to customize products in line with customer specifications (Keegan, Warren,&Schlegelmilch, 2001). Firms are always competing to devise new products and retain their market share control. The proliferation of goods has enhanced the complexity of organizations to maintain their market segment and sustain their unique marketing proposition (UMP).

Growing Strength of Retailers

Global retail sales shot up to an estimate of 8 trillion USD in 2002. Moreover, the sales of top retailers accounted for 29% of the world market. This has motivated big retailers to put their labels on their goods resulting in a tough competition between manufacturers and retailers. In the United States, private labels collectively command greater shares in comparison with the largest national brand. Private labels share increased from 0.2% to 15 % between 2002 and 2003 according to an ACNeilsen report (Malhotra, 2003).

Knowledge Economy

Knowledge economy entails the production of goods and services using information-intensive methodologies; knowledge economy stresses on the use of intellect more than physical effort. The advent of the information economy is steadily gaining significance in realizing competitiveness in organizations. The most progressive industries with high levels of growth such as designing, IT, biotechnology and electronics are chiefly knowledge-based ( Toyne&Walters, 1989).  Intellectual property wields a lot of significance in today’s economies. Firms utilize intellectual property to acquire a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Information and Communication Technology

The use of the internet has revolutionized and integrated activities including marketing strategies. There are more mobile handsets and wireless devices than PCs. The use of social media marketing is on the rise as there are many people with social media accounts such as  Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing ensures increased brand recognition, enhanced brand loyalty, high conversion rates and access to a wide range of customers. Furthermore, Communication is vital for any commercial enterprise but constructive engagement with customers creates a good rapport between the business and its clientele

Reverse Marketing

Technological innovation has enabled customers to engage in research on the products available in the market; this is referred to reverse marketing. Reverse marketing enables to identify their tastes and relay their preferences to the target producers through reverse promotion. The conventional marketing strategies are usually conducted by business enterprises but with the changes in the global environment consumers are gradually changing marketing trends by conducting their own market analysis.

Physical Market-place to Virtual Market-space

The idea of e-marketing has changed the marketing processes from ‘physical marketplace’ to ‘virtual market-space’ that has extensively transformed consumer decision-making. E-marketing requires that content is user-specific as compared to the traditional media method of mass communication. The advertisement strategy should now focus on the specific needs of individual consumers (Hollensen, 2007).

Small Company Marketing Hackers Every Business proprietor Should Make use of

There’s a great deal that’s transformed recently with internet marketing. Most individuals now go right to Google to find something they need. The telephone book has gone out and Search engines, or research traffic is within. If you’re a small company owner you are able to enjoy the internet like a source associated with business. What’s better still is that you could tap in to this resource free of charge for those who have a bodily business.

Search engines Places

Google Places enables you to advertise the local business free of charge in the search engine results. When someone pursuit of a nearby business in your town, your results can come up first for a lot of searches. This can be a simple economical strategy you need to definitely end up being employing inside your business. Along with Google Locations, you list the local business as well as Google may send a confirmation postcard having a Google confirmation code onto it. Once you’ve verified your own listing with this particular code, Google knows you really reside only at that address, or run a company from this.

Msn Places

Bing additionally offer this particular same listing by themselves search motor. It’s the same as Google Locations so very little to include here truly. Simply complete your precisely the on the internet platform as well as verify your own listing whenever you receive the code within the post. When a person create your own listing you’ll have to list your company within a particular category, or even two. Examine the current categories in order to find the 1 or ones that are the greatest fit for the business. This is equivalent to Google Locations. By itemizing in several category, when the platform enables, you can take advantage of numerous searches within where you live.

Other Listings Free of charge

Yell as well as Yahoo additionally offer free of charge listings with regard to businesses as well. Also perform a ‘Google search’ with regard to local sites and free of charge listings and you’ll find a variety of sites that offer free company listings in your town. In a few cases even the additional links back aimed at your website can really make a difference to your own ranking, even though the hyperlink itself doesn’t provide you with more company.


You might well not have access to the period or inclination to begin a weblog. However, in a few business places blogging is a great way to increase your company reach online inside a fairly economical way. Based on your company, and regardless of whether it starts itself to some blog, you will get some great results by focusing on some keywords inside your business market, or merely writing persuasive content as well as sharing on social networking.

Keyword Investigation

You may use Google’s free of charge keyword planner to find terms that are already obtaining hits about the search motor. By discovering long butt keywords inside your business market and composing good content on their behalf, you remain more possibility of being listed about the search motor. If you’ll find untapped key phrases which generate customers for your business, you may write articles that will bring within customers free of charge for a long time for free of charge.

Paid Marketing

After you’ve exhausted the actual free ways of advertising, you can begin looking at paid for advertising methods. Many business people try as well as fail with paid for advertising. This is the reason why it may be worth learning correctly the do’s as well as don’ts of paid for advertising.

Return Upon Investment

When We started with ppc I did not understand roi. I ‘dipped my personal toe in’ as well as dabbled really tentatively. Basically didn’t see an instantaneous profit, We stopped completely. This is really a mistake. Initially there’s a lot associated with testing as well as measuring related to paid marketing. After some time you obtain an advertisement which effectively brings a person customers. Nevertheless, knowing the roi from prosperous doing this can be a game changer. If your own customer continues to purchase over and over, how a lot are these people worth for your business on the year, or ten years? Knowing this can be a huge key to using the confidence to place money in to an marketing campaign. Even should you lose money for the short term, your new clients will provide you with new company over the long run. Learn the typical spend through each customer on the year after which 10 many years. Then choose what every customer may be worth when it comes to advertising. Does this particular change your take on what you are able to afford?